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Here you will find a “one-stop-shop” for up to date resources during this crisis. We’ll include everything from direct psychological support for healthcare workers and others to the content you need to keep stimulated while hunkering down at home, and everything in between.

This is a community lead directory, if you would like to submit an entry please write to Roberto Tovar

For the general public

Surviving the lockdown: Culture & Entertainment
Architecture and Design Documentaries

The world-renown design and architecture magazine gathered a list of documentaries to watch during isolation, you'll find titles like Barbicania and Yves Saint Laurent - The last collections. Enjoy!

Bread Ahead Bakery - Home baking online classes

Everyday at 2 pm on their instagram profile @Breadaheadbakery

Care For Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Virus Anxiety?
The people from Shine (an app & community dealing with anxiety and depression) put together this toolkit that addresses from topics like isolation, xenophobia and financials fear. You can also try their daily free meditation

Fly LDN - Instagram Live Yoga Classes

Immersive yoga studio Fly LDN are running free Instagram yoga classes, they are also crowdfunding if you like the classes maybe consider to support them.

How to Paint Like Kandinsky

A step by step guide on how to paint like a master of abstractionism

Stillpoint Magazine

Stillpoint Magazine
Interdisciplinary digital magazine made up from arts, literature, and humanities texts. It features works from scholars, artists, writers dealing with the most urgent topics of our time

Accessing psychological support services
Stillpoint Spaces Counsellor Directory

Find a counsellor - Stillpoint Spaces
A global directory with qualified therapists from around the globe, speaking multiple languages.

Free support for NHS staff “We See You We Hear You”

An online psychological support plan for all NHS staff involved in the current COVID-19 crisis.

The free psychotherapy network - UK

The free psychotherapy network for people on low incomes and benefits - Check their featured post, Online Support Group for People Isolated by the Coronavirus (Covid19)

How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak

The Mental Health Foundation
We found this toolkit particularly helpful, it's divided by different topics like work, relationships, staying at home and things that we as members of the public worry about.

Working From Home - 7 Steps For a Better Work Day

As a large percentage of the population are working from home and adapting their working lives around recent rulings to stop the spread of Covid-19, we’ll be sharing suggestions to keep you mentally and physically healthy over the coming weeks

Practical ways to help yourself cope - Samaritans

Information on what to do if you're feeling low or struggling to cope.

Mindfulness Sessions and Podcasts

Oxford Mindfulness Centre
The OMC is offering weekly online mindfulness sessions, open to those who feel they would benefit.

These sessions are completely free and open to the general public, meaning you do not need prior mindfulness experience or practice to take part. Each session will also be available as a free podcast shortly after for anyone who missed the live session or wishes to practice again

Your Health & More
COVID-19 tips & tricks by Prepster
Our desk-mates and institutional members Prepster share this insightful guide, to look after your mental, sexual and overall health.

What You Are Doing is Not Remote Work. It is Coping in a Global Emergency

TBD* Community
Useful advice on how to adjust to the new home office lockdown, given by experts on working remotely. They emphasise the importance of taking your time and don’t push for maximal efficiency in these times of global emergency.

Podcast: “Re-orienting consciousness in times of crisis”

Nathalie Nahai Website
Podcast series dealing with how the coronavirus is changing the ways in which we live. From its impact on social, psychological, and physical wellbeing, to its effect on our business, economies, culture and climate. In this opening conversation, Dr Aaron Balick explores what is fastly happening in the global human psyche. In times when anxiety and uncertainty can become overwhelming relating to our state of mind with awareness and presence can help us cope with the unexpected and complex current events.

Mental Health & The Music Industry - Podcast in Spanish

Primavera Sound Radio
Rosana Corbacho founder of MI Therapy speaks about the struggles that members of the music industry are facing when it comes to mental health. We will be running an event in May with Rosana, go to our event's page.

Resources for psychological therapists

Working Online
Read Stillpoint Spaces research about working online

Taking therapy online: research into therapeutic practice in the digital age
In 2013/4 Aaron Balick facilitated a year-long qualitative research project with Stillpoint Spaces counsellors working across our MyStillpoint platform to get a deeper understanding of what happens during online psychotherapy from the therapist’s perspective. He originally released these reports (one written by Stillpoint Spaces founding partner Evangelos Tsempelis) as a series of blogs after each focus group.

MyStillpoint - Online Practice Management Tool

My Stillpoint
Many therapists have reshaped the way they work, moving to online therapy. This can be a pesky process - we offer a tool so you can manage your practice smoothly. Join our community on MyStillpoint, created by therapists for therapists. Join us on April 2nd 2020 to learn more about the ins and outs of online therapy

Helpful advice from therapist Niki Reeves

Therapist Niki Reeves shares a series of clips showing how she works on-line, positioning, and centring suggestions, that can be helpful when working in this media.

Positioning when working on-line in therapy

Centreing on-line with clients 1

Centreing on-line with clients 2

How to Go Online: Counselling During the Coronavirus

How to Go Online: Counselling During the Coronavirus - PESI UK
The current health crisis means many counsellors are considering taking their practice online for the first time. Therapist Suzie Mosson

Caring Through Crises: How Therapist Anxiety Might be Manifesting

Caring Through Crises: How Therapist Anxiety Might be Manifesting - PESI UK
Panicky exchanges about preferred online platforms have been common among therapists this week. Worrying over details may be a distraction from our primal anxiety in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, says Sarah Van Gogh

European Association of Psychotherapists - Advice for Conducting Psychotherapy Online

Download the full EAP Guidance for Online Therapy
In response to the Covic-19 pandemic, many therapists will consider working online with their clients – to maintain their therapeutic contact but minimising the risk to both client and therapist.

The Need to Be Listened To - Online Therapy During a Pandemic

Psychology Today
What to expect from online therapy sessions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency Conversion to Tele-treatment: Making it work

The American Psychoanalytic Association presents Todd Essig addressing the conversion to telehealth.
This presentation makes this unexpected change a bit easier by discussing the similarities and differences between being in person and on-screen or phone as well as concepts and strategies to help in these trying times.

Psychological support
How to Help Children Cope with the Coronavirus Emergency

How to Help Children Cope with the Coronavirus Emergency - PESI UK
Child therapist and Clinical Professor of Psychology Kenneth Barish draws on his conversations with families who are already living through school closures and family life, to suggest four key ways in which parents can be supported to help children through this time.

Mothering, Scarification and Trauma in the Time of Corona

Mothering, Scarification and Trauma in the Time of Corona - PESI UK
Psychoanalyst and mother Jane G Goldberg considers the relationship between trauma and transformation, from the meaning our ancestors gave to scars to Freud’s thoughts on birth, and the role of challenges and crises in the forging of identity.

Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

The World Health Organization
This piece published by the WHO addresses the psychological side of the outbreak with messages to the general public, the medical community, carers, and people in isolation.

Remote Psychological First Aid during a COVID-19 outbreak

International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies
Psychological first aid (PFA) is a method of helping people in distress so they feel calm and supported to cope better with their challenges. It is a way of assisting someone to manage their situation and make informed decisions.

Therapist helping frontline workers
Mental health care for medical staff in China during COVID-19 outbreak.

The Lancet
Maintaining staff mental health is essential to better control infectious diseases, although the best approach to this during the epidemic season remains unclear

How UK Doctors Are Coping With Anxiety/Distress During COVID-19

Medscape UK
The uncertainty and fear of the coronavirus pandemic puts particular pressure on UK healthcare professionals.

Chancellor gives support to millions of self-employed individuals - UK

Rishi Sunak announces world-leading scheme to support the UK’s self-employed affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Government support scheme for self-employed in Berlin

Link in German: Investitionsbank Berlin
Applications open from 19.03.2020

Access to the Emergency Fund Aid by KreativKulturBerlin

Creative City Berlin
Insightful explanation on how to benefit from the German aid package. They offer online and telephone consultation on the funding program and application.

Free legal support for companies - Germany

Harting -Link in German
The legal firm Harting provides up-to-date regulations and laws to support commercial activities dealing with the coronavirus crisis. They offer a helpful FAQ on subsidies and ways to secure liquidity.

Stillpoint Spaces Berlin - YouTube Channel

YouTube channel offers lectures on a vast variety of psychology-related topics. Spanning from a History of psychoanalysis to Psychology and the Ecological Crisis.

Responding to Coronavirus - The British Psychological Association

The British Psychological Association
A targeted and concise list of resources for therapists and the general public, from how to talk to children about illness to effective video therapy tips.

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