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Frequently asked questions.
For Clients
What is Stillpoint Spaces?

Stillpoint Spaces is an international organisation that creates communities and spaces to explore psychology, in depth, inside and outside the consulting room.  We have locations in Berlin, London, Paris, and Zurich where counsellors, therapists, and coaches work with clients face-to-face. We also operate an international counselling platform that enables individuals to access counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching services from around the world. We foster a community both online and off, for counsellors and “the psychologically curious” to learn more about psychology through our programme of events and workshops.

Counselling offered through Stillpoint Spaces is for individuals who are seeking to better deal with life’s challenges, or wish to gain deeper insight into their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Counsellors working in one of Stillpoint Spaces Cities or online are independent practitioners and are not employees of Stillpoint Spaces nor should they represent themselves as such. Clients should take care in choosing the right counsellor for them.

Who are the counsellors at Stillpoint Spaces?

We use the generic term “counsellor” to describe the individuals working in our spaces and online: we ask that they describe themselves in their profiles in accordance with their training and qualification (e.g. psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, or counsellor). You may search your counsellor based on their professional title if you wish.

The counselling and therapy profession is regulated differently around the world, so members of our gallery will come from a variety of different backgrounds, ways of working, and training backgrounds. It is important that as a client you take care to choose the right counsellor for you.

Though all of the counsellors in our gallery must apply and meet our high selection standards, they are independent practitioners and are legally and clinically responsible for their own practices: Stillpoint Spaces does not oversee their professional practice, rather, we offer them a confidential physical space or online platform across which they work. The professional counselling relationship is between the counsellor and the client, so we hope the information here will enable you to carefully choose the counsellor that works best with you.   

How do I choose a counsellor?

All of the members in our gallery offer information about themselves, their approach, experience, qualifications, and education. We suggest that you browse the gallery to find someone who matches your needs. You may wish to contact more than one individual in order to make your decision. You can do this by sending them a message through the gallery.

Anyone on our gallery should answer questions frankly about their education, qualifications, experience, and their rates. While each of our practitioners will have gone through a selection process to be on our gallery, it is ultimately up to you to ensure that you feel this person is appropriate to work with you.

If you have any questions about your counsellor’s qualifications or training, please ask them. If you wish to verify their qualifications you may ask for information about their professional registration or accrediting body. 

How does the search function work?

You may search for your counsellor in a variety of ways – whether you want to work with someone online or near to you, the kind of help you are looking for, the way in which the counsellor has been trained or how they work (e.g. humanistic, cognitive behavioural, or psychoanalytic).

You may also choose to search the gallery by the counsellor’s gender or sexuality. We understand that for some clients, this is an important variable when choosing a counsellor. Please be aware when searching on terms about the personal life of a counsellor that many have chosen not to disclose this information to us. Those that do show up in your search on these terms are individual who are identify with and are happy to be found on these terms. Those who have chosen “undisclosed” will not arise in a search for terms based on gender and sexuality.

How long does a session last?

Counselling sessions tend to last between 50-60 minutes, though other arrangements can be made. All online sessions become available ten minutes before the scheduled start time. We would encourage you to login early to assure you are ready to meet with your counsellor or coach. In our physical spaces and at local practices the time for a session is decided by each individual counsellor.

What happens in a session?

Professionals listed through Stillpoint Spaces are motivated by a desire to help individuals address their concerns and help them find meaning in their lives. A session generally starts with clients sharing their concerns and questions and reasons for being there. These thoughts and questions are then explored to encourage the client’s self-reflection and self-discovery. Counsellors are trained in a variety of ways and it might be helpful for you to understand how your counsellor works before committing to working with them.

How many counselling sessions do I need?

The answer to this is a matter of discussion between you and our counsellor during an assessment. Some of our counsellors work short term (6 – 12 sessions) while others may work over an extended period of time. Most counsellors will agree to meet once or twice a week, usually at the same time – though others may be more flexible. The overall length of your therapy is usually something you are likely to discuss in your first or second session, though this can change as things progress, with the mutual agreement of both counsellor and client.

How do online sessions work?

Online sessions are arranged by logging onto our platform and arranging a session with a counsellor. After messaging your counsellor and agreeing a time, an online session will be set up by your counsellor for you to accept. At the allotted time, you can login and go to your session, and a video conference box will open up for you. For further details please review our Online Sessions FAQ here.

What if I am meeting my counsellor face-to-face?

You can find both online and face-to-face counselling (if there is a counsellor near you) through our gallery. After messaging your counsellor for a face-to-face session they should give you all the information you need to arrange it. Generally your counsellor will discuss with you any concerns or expectations you have about your counselling together including the guidelines around payment, cancellations, scheduling, etc.

Is Stillpoint Spaces secure?

A video connection through Stillpoint Spaces is safe and fully encrypted. Counsellors working over Stillpoint Spaces agree to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality with client information and only conduct sessions from private locations.

How do I connect to my counsellor online?

You can connect to your counsellor using MyStillpoint, our online platform. You can find MyStillpoint specific guidance here.

For Counsellors
What is Stillpoint Spaces?

Stillpoint Spaces is an international organisation that creates spaces to explore psychology, in depth, inside and outside the consulting room.  We have locations in Berlin, London, Paris, and Zurich where counsellors, psychotherapists, and coaches work with clients face-to-face. We also operate an international counselling platform that enables individuals to access counselling, psychotherapy, and coaching services from around the world. We foster a community both online and off, for counsellors and “the psychologically curious” to learn more about psychology through our programme of events and workshops.

Stillpoint Spaces is a membership organisation that comes with a variety of benefits for its members. Counsellors and coaches from around the world can become members through an application process. International platform membership entitles you to a profile on our gallery and the use of our sophisticated practice management software upon which you can carry out online sessions.

Our international members may benefit from our regularly facilitated “intervision” sessions (supportive facilitated peer supervision for counsellors working online) and discounted access to our online events. We are currently developing more online content for our members.

How do I become a member of Stillpoint Spaces?

Clinical membership of Stillpoint Spaces is by application for talking therapists who are trained and accredited or registered by a recognised professional body. In order to work in one of our spaces or across our online platform, you must submit the relevant documents including those detailing your training, professional liability insurance, and qualifications. We interview all counsellors who wish to work at our city spaces.

All our counselling members work independently and are entirely responsible for their professional practices. Stillpoint Spaces offers membership benefits and the means for you to practice online or in one of our spaces, but it is not a counselling practice. All members are expected to maintain their professional credentials and inform Stillpoint Spaces in the event that their fitness to practice has changed in any way. Stillpoint Spaces reserves the right to check that credentials are up to date at any time.

What happens once I am accepted as a member?

Once you have submitted all of the details we require to review your application you will receive an email confirming our receipt of your details. We aim to get back to our applicants within three working days. Applications are then reviewed, and someone may get back to you with a question or clarification or interview request.

Given that all of our criteria are met, you will be accepted and given instructions about how to fill out your online profile, submit a photograph, and set up your monthly payments. Counsellors with a dedicated room at any of our city spaces will get online membership for free as part of their space membership. Online Counselling members will set up a monthly payment to Stillpoint Spaces International (your invoice will read Stillpoint Spaces Zurich GmbH).

How does the online gallery and counselling platform work?

Stillpoint Spaces operates a practice management suite called MyStillpoint that enables you to message your clients, carry out private encrypted sessions via video conferencing, manage your calendar, invoice and take payments. There is a public gallery through which potential clients can contact you via messages, which keeps your email free of client details.

Being on our gallery is an opportunity for you to promote yourself and your practice. You will be searchable on a wide variety of ways, from location to the way in which you work. We also include search terms in relation to who you are which may help enable certain clients to more easily choose a counsellor with whom they may feel more comfortable. These include search terms about a counsellor’s gender identification and sexuality which is of a sensitive nature. Though these terms will not show up on your public profile, if you choose them you will be able to be searched by them. Disclosure of this information is not at all required and you may opt out if you prefer.

If you need help using MyStillpoint, click here.

What happens at your spaces?

All of our spaces are part of the Stillpoint Spaces network, with each city having its own individual personality. Each of our spaces offer carefully designed consulting room for counsellors and coaches, events, and opportunities to build community. Berlin, Paris, and London offer a regular events programme and the opportunity for individuals to hire event and workshop rooms to run their own events. Berlin and London both have a psychological coworking space. Counselling memberships at any of our city spaces enable benefits at other Stilllpoint Spaces city spaces too. Please see the footer of our web page to see what each space has to offer.

How do I use MyStillpoint to see clients and manage my practice?

You can find specific guidance on MyStillpoint here.

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