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Workshop: Sound-Inspired Art Therapy

Hobrechtstrasse 66, Vorderhaus EG Berlin, 12047


In identification with the music, the listener has reached the final mastery of an external task. He has reached it by regression to a primitive ego state which permits the ecstatic enjoyment of music. To this ego state belongs to the most primitive form of mastery by incorporation and identification. At this moment the ecstatic listener does not clearly differentiate between himself and the outside world; he experiences the sounds as being himself, because emotionally they are what he feels. With the breakdown of the ego boundaries, the ‘oceanic feeling’… of being one with the world… is reached...
—Heinz Kohut

We would like to invite you to join us in Sound-Inspired Art Therapy Workshop, an experimental format designed by Nitya Ramchandran, in collaboration with Eufonia Festival and Stillpoint Spaces Berlin.

This Workshop will be an experiential group consisting of approximately one hour of creative work, inspired by music, and one hour of reflections and sharing on... There will be no fixed outcome. The intention here is to experiment with a synaesthetic merging of different artistic mediums, i.e., opening up a field for new discoveries, connections, and possibilities. No previous knowledge of visual arts, music, or art therapy is needed.

Limited capacity, please book your seat in advance.

Workshop Facilitator
Nitya Ramchandran is an art therapist and body psychotherapist with a diverse background in the arts, yoga, and biology. She practises both at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin and at her private practice in Potsdam.

Rossano Snel is a composer and pianist. His music was used for feature films, documentaries, animations and TV series. As a pianist, his work walks through Minimalism, Expressionism and Latin and Brazilian influences. More on Rossano:

Eufonia Festival is a platform showcasing content that sits at the intersection between sound, art and science. By exploring the possibilities of sound within education, innovation, health and art, Eufonia aims to combine many divergent fields through the common medium of sound.

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