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Using the Self in Psychotherapy: an introduction to the Relational Approach

Stillpoint Spaces London, 23 Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0AA
The Self


Who are you as a therapist and how does your subjectivity affect your practice? Whatever your clinical background or theoretical modality, it is your “personal factors” that are most likely to have an effect on your clients – and their personal factors that will equally have an effect on you. Overall, it is the relationship between the two of you that counts. However, resting on the assumption that “it’s the relationship stupid” is not enough. Relational Psychoanalysis offers a way to understand this complex relationship, so you can begin to get a handle on the unconscious dynamics that infuse the therapeutic situation.


This workshop, run in partnership with The Weekend University will address some of the major themes of Relational Theory, enabling you to think more intersubjectively about your practice. Across the day you will be offered a theoretical frame, clinical examples, practical tools to draw on for practice, and time for reflection on your clinical practice. The workshop is open to both trainees and experienced clinicians who wish to increase their knowledge and experience in relational practice.

Learning outcomes:


  • History and development of Relational Psychoanalysis.
  • Basics of Relational Theory including intersubjectivity, enactment, mutual recognition, and “the third”.
  • Application of theory to clinical practice (e.g. what makes a relational intervention).
  • Opportunities for experiential exercises to workshop ideas.
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