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The psychology of motherhood - beyond diapers

Hobrechtstraße 66 Berlin, 12047


Babies are welcome and encouraged to join!

When women become mothers nothing but diaper brands, breastfeeding techniques and the weight gain of their babies interest them. There are many assumptions about motherhood such as this one, but unfortunately not a lot of spaces for mothers to prove them otherwise. 

Obviously motherhood means more than milk provision, round-the-clock cooing and obsessive worrying. It also contains a large amount of anxiety and insecurity, not just about whether the role of motherhood is being fulfilled to a satisfying degree, but also whether having a baby means losing ground in one’s professional, creative and romantic life.

This meet-up group is a call-out to mothers who wish to explore those overlooked sides of motherhood that do not necessarily fit into a traditional and genderized framework. With or without babies, this is an invitation for mothers living in Berlin to get together to discuss what motherhood is beside diaper-changing – while changing diapers.

This meet-up theme: Re(relating) to one's mother as a mother

Most babies in the group are born in 2016, so the vibe can be action-packed & crawly.

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