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The Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist Relationship: A Marriage of Minds or a Point of Conflict? (Live Streaming of Lecture)

Hobrechtstrasse 66 Berlin, 12047
Mental Health


How can psychological therapists and psychiatrists better work with each other in the interests of their clients? This event for mental health professionals (who work with clients or are in training), will address this question and more.

We'll be asking, is it possible to have a fruitful collaboration between psychiatrists and psychotherapists, or are their approaches so different that they undermine any benefits likely to accrue from their respective interventions? If there is a tension in this relationship, what is it about? Is the sanctity and confidentiality of the psychotherapeutic contract under threat? Is the ‘medical model’ getting in the way of psychotherapeutic process? Can medication and psychotherapy co-exist? Can the different models complement each other?

Psychiatrist Dr. Leonard Fagin will attempt to clarify these questions through vignettes, and offer an opportunity for the audience to share examples and concerns.


Leonard Faginwas born in Argentina where he graduated in Medicine. He has been a Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer working in the UK in psychiatric practice for over 40 years, mostly in the National Health Service in East London. Currently he works as Second Opinion Appointed Doctor for the Care Quality Commission in Student Psychological Services in University College London, as well as a Clinical Supervisor in different settings.

This event is free of charge. Please, note, this lecture is designed for clinicians only (therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, who work with clients or are in training). General public and colleagues who are having academic careers in these fields can't join us on this occasion.

The lecture is taking place at Stillpoint Spaces London and it will be live streamed at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin.

Here is the link to the event of Stillpoint Spaces London:

Image © Kate Holford 

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