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The Black Books by C. G. Jung



The Black Books present Jung’s explorations of the visionary imagination between 1913 to 1932, his personal transformation and the making of analytical psychology. They chart his evolving understanding, showing how he sought to deepen new insights and locate them in real life experiences. The Black Books also enabled Jung’s paintings post-1916 to be more clearly understood in the context of the evolution of the iconography of his personal cosmology.

In this conversation with Sonu Shamdasani, we will hear more about Jung’s “inner conversation”. The visions, fantasies and imaginations he recorded in the Black Books will be explored, together with the relevance of their publication to a contemporary understanding of Analytical Psychology.

DATE: Tuesday, 1st of December 2020

TIME: 18.00 - 20.00 GMT / 19.00 - 21.00 CET / 13.00 - 15.00 EST


18.00 GMT / 19.00 CET / 13.00 EST

An interview of Alessandra di Montezemolo with Professor Sonu Shamdasani on CG Jung’s Inner Conversation with His Visions, Fantasies, and Imaginations

In an era of tweets, posts and soundbites, cultivating the art of conversation is essential. It allows space for a deeper and engaged reflection, a place where we allow our thoughts, our imagination, our feelings to emerge in the relationship with the other(s), and on a subject that is shared. As James Hillman says: “Good conversation has an edge: it opens your eyes to something, quickens your ears. And good conversation reverberates: it keeps on talking in your mind later in the day; the next day you find yourself still talking with what was said.” (Stirrings of Culture: Essays from the Dallas Institute 1986, Dallas Institute Publications 2013).

19.30 GMT / 20.30 CET / 14.30 EST

Q&A, Comments and Sharing

20.00 GMT / 21.00 CET / 15.00 EST




Alessandra di Montezemolo is a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst who trained at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich. She published articles in French and Italian journals (among which an interview to Prof. Sonu Shamdasani on the Red Book, an article on the relevance of Analytical Psychology for Italian Cinema and another on the founders of Psychoanalysis in Italy).

Alessandra speaks and works clinically in four different languages and as a multi-cultural psychoanalyst actively engaged in today’s world, she is particularly is interested in building bridges between humanities, social sciences, and the different psychological approaches. She joined the founders of Stillpoint Spaces (Zurich, Berlin, London, and Paris) in December 2016 as their partner for Paris where she opened the spaces in 2017.


Sonu Shamdasani is Professor in Jung History in the School of European Languages, Culture and Society (German) at University College London, and Vice-Dean (International) of the Arts and Humanities Faculty. He is the co-director of the UCL Health Humanities Centre. He is a historian of psychology and psychiatry, and his research follows two intersecting lines: reconstructing the formation of modern psychological disciplines and therapeutics from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, and reconstructing the formation of the work of Jung, based on primary archival materials.

He is the General Editor and Co-Founder of the Philemon Foundation. The Philemon Foundation exists to make available the complete works of C. G. Jung in editions that meet the highest standards of scholarship and do justice to the true measure of this major creative thinker. He is the author and editor of a dozen books which have been translated into many languages. Most recently, he co-edited Medical Humanity and Inhumanity in the German-Speaking World (UCL Press, 2020, open access) and Exploring Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies (Routledge, 2019).


This is a co-produced event of Confer and Stillpoint Spaces Paris, a member of Stillpoint Spaces International.


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Ticket includes a recording of the event with access for a year (14 days post the event).

Bookings close at 9.00 am GMT on Friday, 27th of November.

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