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Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance: Open Discussion

Hobrechtstrasse 66 Berlin, 12047
Mental Health


Society seems to be obsessed with the quest for a perfect life. Every day, we are bombarded with messages of what is acceptable, and what is not. Unconsciously, we are led to believe imperfection is equivalent to inadequacy. This fear of being inadequate makes us work harder. We go to the gym more, we switch jobs, move cities – but that nagging feeling "we are not enough" still remains. So we try more to please others, try to be perfect, all the while hiding our own anxiety and shame of not really measuring up.

But to feel enough, requires us to work with what is already here. It begins with the acceptance of who we are, while letting go of the shame of who we should be.

During this discussion, we will take a journey from "I'm not good enough" to "I am enough". We will uncover where these feelings of unworthiness stem from and how it affects our current life. We will touch upon difficult emotions like shame, fear, and vulnerability that often hold us back from feeling worthy. It is a starting point towards understanding how our lives can become ensnared in a trance of unworthiness, while at the same time remaining unaware of this very trap. And how the only way out of this is to accept ourselves with all our imperfections so that we can be fully present in our lives.

Join us on Wednesday, 18th of July 2018 at 19:00h for our monthly Psychoanalysis on the Street Meetup to participate in an open discussion and share your thoughts, learnings, and stories about imperfection, inadequacy, and being good enough.

About the facilitator:
Tazeen Mohsinis a clinical psychologist based in Pakistan and Germany. She also runs her consultation firm, which works with corporate companies to nurture their employee's innate potential. 

About the format:
Psychoanalysis on the Street is an open-discussion for people interested in psychology, culture, and the arts. Our aim is to bring psychoanalysis out of the consulting room and to give individuals from all walks of life an opportunity to engage with the exploratory energy of depth psychology. No background in psychology is required.

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