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No Voice Missing: Understanding gender transition (pt2)

23 Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0AA
The Body


Gender transitioning is currently viewed through the lens of medical assessments and physical changes. But the question we think is worth exploring is – when the body transitions, what happens to the soul? Does it automatically follow or does it “have its own ideas”?

Plato considered the soul to have 3 parts: logos (mind), thymos (emotion) and eros (desire). This workshop will explore if and how gender transitioning may affect these integral parts, and help discover and create narratives allowing us to explore this aspect of gender transitions.

All are welcome to attend this event, whether you came to part one in June or not. It is for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of gender and gender transition. 

Learn more about the approach of the facilitators by reading Anna Jezuita's blog post for Stillpoint Spaces London Stopping the Sun and Moving the EarthFor information on what was covered in part 1 click here

Aris Papaefstathiou is a trainee counsellor, currently in his 3rd year of the BA Person Centred degree at Metanoia Institute. He holds a BEng in Civil Engineering and is currently working as a Project Manager. Aris started gender transitioning in 2014.

Anna Jezuita is a MBACP accredited Counsellor and Mindfulness Trainer. Anna gained her qualification in Therapeutic Counselling in 2003 and Clinical Supervision in 2016.  Anna is a visiting lecturer at Warsaw University. Her teenage son is in the process of gender transition.

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