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Methods on the Move: Walking, Sensing, Belonging

Stillpoint Spaces London London, EC1R 0AA


Inspired by artists who use walking as part of their arts practice, in this workshop we will imagine and produce a map that frames a walk that might capture senses of belonging for participants/co-walkers. 

The workshop will begin with Sociology/Criminology Professor Maggie O'Neill leading a discussion on the history and experience of walking, exploring the many uses of walking in art, social research, and in understanding and connecting with life stories/biographies, with Maggie drawing from examples in her research with asylum seekers, undocumented women and sex workers. 

Participants will then be invited to imagine a walk that is special to them and draw a map of it, and then walk it with a partner or alone, reflecting on the connections made to the imagined walk. 

Upon returning, the group will reflect further upon the experience in the context of the earlier discussions, and concepts of belonging.

Maggie O’Neill is a Professor in Sociology/Criminology at the University of York and has a long history of working with artists and communities conducting participatory, ethnographic, biographical and visual/performative research. Her latest books are: Advances in Biographical Methods (Routledge) with Brian Roberts and Andrew Sparkes and Transgressive Imaginations (Palgrave) with Lizzie Seal. Methods on the Move (Routledge) is in progress with Brian Roberts and Imaginative Criminology is in progress with Lizzie Seal

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