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Marielle Albers: Passing through time and place

23 Clerkenwell Close London, EC1R 0AA


Artist Marielle Albers exhibits her latest work, which explores themes of passing through time and places.

'Passing through time' refers to the influence of previous generations and the stories they carry forward, that still inform the lives of the living in many mysterious ways.  These paintings reflect the process of looking back and honour some of these past and present connections, whilst letting go of others. The making of these has been a part of the artists’ personal process of loss, enriched with echoes of stories and ghosts witnessed in her work as a psychotherapist. In this way, the images are both deeply personal as well as universal in their themes of intergenerational ties, community, loss and identity. 

When some ties to the past can be released, new pathways to the future start to unfold. ‘Passing through place’ uses the metaphor of a river to look at the process of time passing and finding its own way. These paintings picture a small slice of something much larger. We can imagine the water flowing onwards, but we don’t necessarily know where it came from or where it flows to. It is less about what we can see and more about what we imagine. It’s about trust in finding a pathway where things can flow.

MARIELLE ALBERS is a painter and works as a psychotherapist and art therapist in London. She is interested in the interplay between the external and internal world and this is reflected in her paintings, which are intuitive and semi-abstract, often evoking a dream-like atmosphere. 

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