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Lamella Fanzine Creative Workshop

Hobrechtstrasse 66, Vorderhaus EG Berlin, 12047


The Lamella fanzine is a quarterly publication bringing together the work of the members of Lacan Guided Reading Group and Lacanian Affinities Berlin (laLAB). The fanzine embodies fabrications, ruminations, critiques and conclusions revolving around the group’s work on the subject of Lacanian psychoanalysis.

In the Lamella creative workshop, we will start building the next fanzine issue together from the ground up. The idea is to distribute and share priorities, responsibilities, and ideas among interested members of the group. We will elect editorial teams and think of the general aesthetics and content we are aiming for as a group.

In this issue, we will explore the subject of feminine jouissance—undoubtedly an inspiring topic for contributions in many formats.

Leon Brenner is a teacher and a scholar specializing in the fields of Lacanian psychoanalysis, contemporary French philosophy and autism theory. Brenner has graduated with the highest honour a B.A and M.A in Psychology and Philosophy. His doctoral dissertation concerns the subject of autism in philosophy and is entitled, The Autistic Subject: On the Threshold of Language. Brenner has received two excellence awards as a junior university teacher: the University Rector excellence award, and the Deanship excellence award. He is currently engaged in several scholarly and artistic projects in Berlin and is a resident instructor at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin.
More of Leon Brenner in his blog:

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