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Lacan, The Phallus, and the Oedipus

Hobrechtstrasse, 66 Berlin, 12047
The Self


Lacan re-works the Freudian account of the Oedipus complex on several occasions. In, Seminar IV: The Object Relations (1956-1957), Lacan associates it with his understanding of the phallus - annexing it as a forth term in the Oedipal triangle of the child-mother-father. Defining the phallus as a signifier of lack, he accounts for its role in the course of the Oedipus complex in three different forms - the real, imaginary and symbolic phallus. But what exactly is the function of the phallus as a signifier in the Oedipus complex? What is its role in the most primordial stages of the child's integration in language as a desiring subject? In this lecture we will try to answer these questions, addressing two different forms of identification in the course of he Oedipus complex - with the imaginary and symbolic phallus. Deliberating segments from Seminar IV, as well as from Lacan's Écrits, we will briefly entangle ourselves in this crucial primordial drama.


About the lecturer:

Leon Brenner is a Ph.D. candidate in TAU and a guest scholar at the FU institute of philosophy in Berlin. Brenner has a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy and graduated Summa Cum Laude his masters degrees in philosophy. His thesis paper concerned Alain Badiou's theory of subjectivity and love. Brenner has received two excellence awards as a junior teacher at TAU - the University Rector excellence award, and the Deanship excellence award. Currently engaged as an instructor as Stillpoints Spaces, Berlin. Brenner specializes in the fields of Lacanian psychoanalysis, contemporary French philosophy, and epistemology. Currently, his doctoral dissertation concerns the subject of autism in philosophy.

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