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Invitation to Love: Fragmented Video Diary

Hobrechtstrasse 66 Berlin, 12047


Presented video installations combine day to day autobiographical images in such ways that they convey a cinematic experience that questions what separates reality from fiction. Storylines and plots are suggested but never revoked. A video diary where all the fragments are treated as short abstract poems during the editing process. 

Thus far, this project consists of 12 autonomous parts. Each one of them consists of selected moving images captured during the last 13 years. Their composition varies. Some of the images are quiet and peaceful, while others bring out the disquieting elements, which are lurking in the most ordinary and elementary moments of life - when it is least expected.

Through careful editing based on memory and recollection of the filmed material, the author tries to find ways to include the strange into the apparently familiar. While he is concerned with the idea of representation and the limits between appearance and so-called truth, he combines images and sounds without encountering in chronological order conditions of space and time.

The author used his studio as the main platform for all the controlled parts of his project: specific settings, atmospheres, colours, and dimensions. At the same time, he was working outside: recording non-staged material from everyday life and collecting found objects that could be added as extensions and prostheses to his space installation. This project became an ongoing experiment where he intended on bringing together and exploring the interaction between the staged and the improvised, the indoor elements and the outdoor inputs, the controlled situations and the unexpected incidents.

Although there is no scenario involved, an interesting but also unpleasant backstage story was developed through the years. Living ‘inside the film-set’ caused various strange and anxious feelings. The distinction between fact and fiction remained uncertain, open, and undecidable until now. This feeling of the uncanny wasn’t just an attraction neither a pure attempt to create a manifest. The mystery is preserved and respected.

About the artist:
Jorgos Loukakos studied photography in Athens at the European School of Photography (ESP) and in Prague at The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Afterwards, he moved to Amsterdam, where he graduated from the School of Fine Arts at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Currently, he lives in Berlin. His work is a continuous experimentation on the cinematic form by other means (video, installations, photography).

We hope you will join us in exploring the video poetry on Saturday, February 17 (19:00 to 22:30). The admission to the video installation is free of charge.

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