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In the Cut: women In psychoanalysis and culture



Please note that:

1. This is a women-only group. Please only book a place if you identify as a woman.

2. All sessions take place online from 11:30am - 1:30pm GMT, 12:30pm-2:30pm CET.

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April 10th 2021

"In The Cut" (2003), directed by Jane Campion

"In the Cut is masterful in its suggestion of the ambient, omnipresent air of sexual threat that exists in traditional heterosexual dynamics."

The themes are sex and sexuality, murder and siblings.

Texts will be available to ticket holders on the Stillpoint Spaces Community dedicated group.

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CLAUDIA CELADON is a psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, lecturer, and training facilitator. Originally from Brazil, Claudia has been working clinically in the UK and in Brazil for the past 30 years. She has always been interested in the history of psychoanalysis and how it developed, feminist culture and modern and post-modern philosophy. Claudia is also interested in psychoanalysis as a cultural phenomenon, how it can help inform interpretations of the use of imagery in films and photography, specifically in the depiction of women which arise from their social definition. One of Claudia’s main areas of research is the use of language, both spoken and representational, in the clinical setting and in art and films.

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"In The Cut" (2003), directed by Jane Campion

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