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Flow Writing Day

Hobrechtstrasse 66, Vorderhaus EG Berlin, 12047


Writing often tends to get sidelined in our busy, fast-paced everyday lives. Flow Writing Day is an opportunity to practice focused writing and help your current text project move forward. The facilitated work process allows you to dive deep into your writing, experience the flow, and work towards progress.

The Flow Writing Day is a follow-up seminar to the Writing Sweatshop, a full-day writing workshop that was offered back in August, also at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin. Note that those who were not able to join us on that occasion, are still welcome to start now.

This seminar is open to academics, as well as anyone working on a challenging text project. Your text can be in any stage (first drafts, first versions, final versions...). You are also invited to write in any language.

A productive blend of movement, coaching elements, activating breaks, and of course, ample time for writing, will help create your natural flow and set the mind and body in motion.

Let us dedicate a full day to writing and be effective while at it.

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