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Fairy Tales as Mirrors of the Psyche: A Jungian Perspective

5:00pm - 6:30pm BST, 6:00pm - 7:30pm CEST, 12:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
The Self


Carl Gustav Jung argued that the best way to understand the psyche is through the many ways in which psyche expresses itself, for example, through the arts, in dreams, and in stories. As human beings, we share a fundamental need to tell stories in order to give expression to, and make sense of, ourselves, our relationships, and the world in which we live. Fairy tales offer a particularly rich way in which to explore the dynamics of the psyche and the unconscious from a Jungian perspective.

Over the course of seven interactive sessions, an in-depth online course on fairy tales will enable us to discover the many ways in which each tale mirrors the dynamics of the human psyche in its myriad forms.

Week 1 (September 15): Introduction: Accessing the Wisdom of the Tale-outline of a method of fairy-tale interpretation

Week 2 (September 22): "The Raven": The importance of the opening scene. Assessing the psychological 'problem' on which the tale turns

Week 3 and 4 (September 29 & October 6): From unconscious 'problem' to conscious resolution: exploring symbols, symbolic action, motifs and events to understand the psychological work necessary to a growth in consciousness

Week 5 (October 13): "The Nixie in the Pond": The importance of the opening scene. Assessing the psychological 'problem' on which the tale turns

Week 6 and 7 (October 20 & 27): We will work with the tale's symbolic action, symbols, motifs and events in order to explore the psychological work necessary to resolve the initial 'problem' through a growth in consciousness


DATES: Wednesdays (September 15, 22 & 29; October 6, 13, 20 & 27)

TIMES: 5:00pm - 6:30pm BST, 6:00pm - 7:30pm CEST, 12:00pm - 2:30pm EDT

Focusing our close readings of individual tales through the lens of Jungian theory, we will explore what these tales can teach us about the process of individuation—the natural development and unfolding of the personality—as well as the unconscious dynamics that may inhibit the individuation process. Using the insights of analytical psychology, we will mine these tales in our attempt to answer questions about the nature of the psyche, personal development, suffering, identity, and spirituality.

All attendees of the full course will get access to the specific translations of the two fairy tales.

Learning objectives

1. Learn (more) about analytical psychological theory

2. Learn (more) about Jung’s ideas about the nature of the psyche

3. Learn about the structure and motifs of fairy tales

4. Explore the clinical uses of fairy tales

5. Experience working slowly, symbolically and in depth, exploring possibilities of meaning rather than looking for one definitive interpretation (this approach to the fairy tale also provides the groundwork of how to work with dreams)

About the lecturer

Ann Yeoman, PhD, trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, after which she practised part-time in Toronto while working as Dean of Students at New College, University of Toronto. She completed her doctorate at York University, Toronto, on the application of Analytical Psychology to the literature of the fantastic. At the University of Toronto, she developed and taught a ‘suite’ of Jungian Studies courses which drew students from a variety of disciplines. Ann is the author of Now or Neverland: Peter Pan and the Myth of Eternal Youth. She returned home to the UK in 2008 and works as an analyst in South Devon. She is a member of The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

How to join

Full course: £180.00 (plus any ticket fees)

Introductory seminar (September 15th): £35.00 (plus any ticket fees)

Stillpoint Professional Members: £90.00 (50% off the ticket price). Please email us at for your discount code.

Students: £135 (25% off the ticket price). Join our Student Room on the Stillpoint Community for your discount code (more below).

There is an option to pay for the full course in US dollars. If that option is more convenient for you, please reach out to us at

If you opt for the full course, you will be invited to join an exclusive space within our online network for the psychologically curious, THE STILLPOINT COMMUNITY (more below). Once there you will be able to post comments, and converse with the presenter and your peers. You may also post and share your interest with others in our wider network outside the course.

We reserve a limited amount of tickets at a concessional rate for those unable to meet the full cost. Please email us at if this applies to you.

You do not need to be a professional clinician to join this course, however if you are, you may request a certificate of attendance which would provide you with 1.5 hours CPD per meeting.

Before each meeting, we will send you the link to join the webinar. A link will also be posted within the course's forum on our network.

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