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C.G. Jung's 'The Red Book': Seminar with Wolfgang Heine

Hobrechtstraße 66 Berlin, 12047


How can I find my lost soul again? 

C. G. Jung, the famous founder of analytical psychology, meditated on this question after suffering from his separation from Sigmund Freud. To find an answer, he delved into the work of his mysterious "Red Book" at the height of his meteoric success as a renowned doctor and clinical investigator. This seminar serves as an introduction to this core work and discussion around selected passages. 

Wednesdays 7th, 14th, and 21st of June

18:30 - 20:00

The first parts of the texts that will be discussed in the first session will be sent to the registered participants one week before the seminar. 

Facilitated by Wolfgang Heine, Stillpoint Spaces counselor and Jungian analyst

‘My soul, my soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak, I call you–are you there? I have returned to you, I am here again. I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet, and I have come to you, I am with you. After long years of long wandering, I have come to you again …

Do you still know me? How long the separation lasted! Everything has become so different. And how did I find you? How strange my journey was! What words should I use to tell you, on what twisted paths a good star has guided me to you? Give me your hand, my almost forgotten soul. Life has led me back to you. … My soul, my journey should continue with you. I will wander with you and ascend to my solitude…’

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