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Antigone: The Tragic Dimension of Human Desire

Hobrechtstrasse 66 Berlin, 12047


None of the female figures from the Greek Tragedy attracts as much attention as Antigone does. Artists, thinkers and even politicians juggle with her example for over 2400 years. Modern theatre is still interested in the story, which is staged in theatres all around the world. What is there to resonate in so many areas? Psychoanalysis theory also has a lot to say about her. Lacan seventh seminar is dedicated to the problematic role of ethics in psychoanalysis and one can find Antigone as an example to develop ideas and present the structure we live in. Through the reading of Sophocles' play, Lacan explores the tragic dimension of the human desire. I would like to present the outcome of my modest research, which could be potentially useful for actors, directors, and dramaturges but also theatre lovers, so everyone interested to wilder the perspective on one of the most interesting figures of ancient tragedy.

The lecture is the part of Erasmus + program affiliated with AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow.

About the lecturer:
Bartosz Zurowski is a theatre director and drama writer, yoga and meditation teacher, Ph.D. candidate, the student of Judith Butler and Slavoj Zizek in European Graduate School (Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought), holder of Young Poland Scholarship for artists with outstanding achievements.

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