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All Art Has Been Contemporary (And Lost In Space)

Hobrechtstraße 66 Berlin, 12047


This performative lecture offers an insight into alternative archaeologies as a way of reconceptualising time and history.

Instructions for reading the description:
0) our starting point for the reflection will be the exhibition "State Of Mind" now being held at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin
1) if you are an artist or a curator, don't read n1 and go straight to n2
2) if you are an art enthusiast, read n1 and don't feel offended by n2
3) if you are both an artist and art enthusiast, read both descriptions
4) if you are an art critic, don't read any of them, come and surprise yourself

1. How often do you have this feeling of not getting it? You enter a gallery of contemporary art and feel this sudden hit of confusion mixed with curiosity, admiration, shock or maybe even despise. Be honest about the number of times you thought 'Yeah, even I could do better than that'. But then you are still playing along trying to understand or find out what is there to be found out. What is going on here? Is it really art? But maybe there is nothing to understand. Maybe not getting it is the point? Or maybe you can't get it because you are stuck within the old frames and notions of how to understand and interpret art? During the performative lecture on the contemporary artistic practice, we will discuss the possible ways we can perceive and receive it. Denying the linear historical perspective, using alternative archaeology methods like rhizome concept (G. Deleuze, F. Guatarri), liquid modernity (Z. Bauman), hauntology (J. Derrida) and psychological function of art (H. Segal) we will try to perceive contemporary as a complex universe of meanings and anti-meanings which help us understand (or not) the phenomena and narrative of contemporary art.

2. How often do you have this feeling that they don't get it? You tell yourself that maybe they don't have to get it but you also see them entering the gallery full of your works and you can't deny the feeling that maybe this long introduction which your curator wrote for the vernissage wasn't such a good idea. What are they feeling when they are confronted with your ideas, concepts, and feelings? Should you allow them to think and feel whatever they want or should you help them understand and receive? Or maybe your curator understands everything better and he should be the one to help them out? But is there anything they should be helped out with? Does your work belong only to you and you should dictate the rules? Or maybe there is something more to the reception of the contemporary art and whatever you do, it doesn't belong to you anymore? During the performative lecture on the contemporary artistic practice, we will try to move the art out of its own context and try to re-present it as an object of alternative archaeologies which situate your practice beyond institutional understanding.

About the lecturer:

Adam Łuczak is pursuing a master's degree at the Berlin University of the Arts (The Universität der Künste Berlin, UdK). He combines psychological and artistic practice to explore the relationship between psychoanalysis, culture, and art. 

About the format:

This performative lecture will draw on an intermingling of both scientific and artistic approaches in encouraging participants to engage with the presented content not only intellectually, but in light of experiences of emotional connection.

The title of the event is a paraphrase of a work by Maurizio Nannucci.

State of Mind: A Collage Group Exhibition

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