Ethical Guidelines

Counsellors at Stillpoint Spaces are bound by the ethical codes of their respective professions along with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which they are physically located. In addition, as a condition for participation on the site, Counsellors at Stillpoint Spaces agree in writing to abide by the following principles which are consistent with various professional codes.

  1. Most fundamentally, respect the inherent dignity and autonomy of clients and the meaningfulness of their concerns.
  2. Provide services without regard to age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic status.
  3. Keep all information concerning a client in the strictest confidence.
    • Any notes or records of sessions, whether handwritten or electronic, must be securely stored with thorough precautions against unauthorized access.
    • While session material may be discussed in the context of professional consultation, supervision, or education, the client’s identity must never be revealed or derivable from the information discussed, either during or following the counselling relationship.
    • Only a clear likelihood of imminent bodily harm to the client or other people would justify revealing a client’s identity or situation to relevant legal authorities.
  4. Maintain boundaries in the counselling relationship in order to ensure that the client is not exploited in any way by the counsellor, whether sexually, financially, or otherwise.
  5. Recommend that clients seek psychological or psychiatric evaluation locally if they appear to need treatment for a mental disorder beyond the scope or jurisdiction of a counsellor’s training or licensure.
  6. If a client has a concern or complaint about a counsellor, the client should take that complaint in the first instance to the counsellor. If the client feels unable to do this, or if he/she has had an unsatisfactory reply from the counsellor, the client should contact the counsellor’s registering or accrediting professional body. If the client does not have the information for such a body, the information should be provided by the counsellor. If clients have further concerns or need support or advice about a complaint, please contact:

It is imperative to Stillpoint Spaces that client-counsellor relationships are bound by the highest ethical standards. If you have a question or concern regarding the ethics of any experience at Stillpoint Spaces you may raise them with its Ethics Committee by sending your concern to