Explore psychology in depth, inside and outside the consulting room.


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The Stillpoint Spaces Story

Whether online, inside, or outside the consultation room, Stillpoint Spaces dreams psychology forward by connecting psychologically-minded individuals and communities

Stillpoint Spaces was born in 2012 in Zürich, Switzerland when three colleagues with very different backgrounds met while training in Jungian psychoanalysis. At a time of crisis for their field and the world they responded by creating space for psychologically-minded individuals of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds to connect, share, and reflect on questions of depth and meaning.

Today, with Stillpoint Spaces in Zürich, Berlin, London, and in Paris, our mission is to empower individuals to engage with psychology, in depth, inside and outside the consulting room.

Through our online platform Stillpoint Spaces connects affiliated practitioners and clients in vibrant exchange, learning, and healing, accessible from around the world.

Whether online and in person, at Stillpoint Spaces, we invite you to dream psychology forward, and to confront the most pressing social, political, and cultural challenges of our times with depth and humanity.